NYC Workshop 2017

Behind the scenes of Emily Soto’s NYC Photography Workshop May 6+7 2017

Stylist: Lex Robinson | Makeup Artist: Alyssa Lorraine | Hair Stylist: Tiffany Reeder | Assistants Zach Alston, Daphne Cebek, and Michael Kuykendall

Behind the scenes photos by Daphne Cebek

Registration NOW OPEN for second NYC Workshop | Dates: Oct. 7 +8 @

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Puck | Marie Claire Indonesia

Puck Loomans for Marie Claire Indonesia shot by Emily Soto | Stylist Carolina Orrico at DeFacto | Hair by Rubi Jones | Makeup by Hiro Yonemoto at Atelier | Manicure by Yuko Wada at Atelier | Featuring Gucci, YSL, Lanvin, Chloe, Celine, Self Portrait, Nika Tung, Ulla Johnson, Rosie Assoulin

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NYFW casting story featuring fashion from ICB | Styled by Lex Robinson | Makeup Paige Campbell | Hair Tiffany Reeder
| Models Unia Pakhomova, Lorna Foran, Saadi Schimmel, Ida Dyberg, Eloizia Melo, Ulla Reiss, Kiersten Wood
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© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto

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Emily Soto Paris Workshop

Photographer Emily Soto | Stylist Gogo Toure | Makeup Caroline Madison | Hair Nick Clark | Models: Charlie Melchiori, Deila Sama
Shot with the Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat lens at Rouchon Paris
Lighting Westcott Skylux + Rapid Box | Backdrop Seamless Photo Eleanor | Retouched with ‘Jade’ at
Assistants Victor Soto, Rebekah Hartnett, Behind the Scenes Esther Starren
Video by Ben Yorba
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© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto_MG_8046_MG_8054b_MG_8056

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