YOU Magazine

Editorial and photos for Dianne O.‘s YOU Magazine from AMB’s Comic Con 2011 celebrity red carpet party

Katie Leclerc, Actress

Stephanie Ramirez, Model and  Zack Yanni, Actor

(Left) Efren Ramirez, Actor

(Right) Brandon Tyler Russell, Actor

Matthew Glen Johnson, Actor

Brendon Eggertsen, Actor

Neil Johnson, director (Left), Steve Cooke, musician (Right)

Myself with Rich Van Every, photographer/director and Natasha Kozlova, fashion photographer (Right)

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Fashion 5.0 Nightlife Makeover

I had so much fun shooting Fashion 5.0 magazines new fashion makeover feature last month in downtown San Diego’s “Dolcetti Boutique.”  The boutique is lovely and has a fabulous salon on the 2nd floor.  It was so much fun to see the models before and after look!  They gave her the works- doing her hair, makeup, nails and even styling her with some of their fun pieces!

If you aren’t familiar with Fashion 5.0 Magazine it is a free print magazine throughout San Diego, be sure to pick up a copy if you are in the area!