Photos from a project with Lomography using the new Petzval 58 lens | Backdrop “Eleanor” available at Seamless Photo

Headpieces by Julia Morris | Makeup/Hair by Anny Chow | Model Mary-Margaret at Major Models

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© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto© Emily Soto

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Moa at Modellink shot last year in Gothernburg, Sweden | Makeup/Hair Emilie Larsson | Processed using my “Alison” Photoshop Action at

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Sweden Workshop

 I had such a wonderful time teaching in Gothenburg, Sweden!  Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a wonderful weekend!  Special thanks to Jonas Berg at LUPP Studios and Nicklas Eriksson for helping host!  Also special thanks to makeup artist Emilie Larsson, Modellink Sweden, Susan Lafica at FIORI Couture and jewelry designer Lisa Marinucci.  Below are some photos from the day as well as some images taken by those who attended!

Models: Moa and Ewelina at Modellink Sweden | Makeup and Hair by Emilie Larsson | Location: LUPP Studios |

Flower Headpiece by FIORI Couture | Crown by Lisa Marinucci

Current Schedule:

IMG_0696© Ida Boman

On location!  Photo by Ida Boman

IMG_0676 IMG_0691


© Nicklas Eriksson

Image above by Nicklas Eriksson

© Lucia Viana

  Image above by Lucia Viana

© Felicia Puschl

  Image above by Felicia Püschl

© Conny Wallstrom

Image above by Conny Conny Wallström

© Moa Pettersson

Image above by Moa Pettersson 

© Ida Boman

Image above by Ida Boman

© Kadri Vanaelja

Image above by Kadri Vanaselja

© Agnes Orre

Image above by Agnes Orre

© Esko Anttikoski

Image above by Esko Anttikoski

© Asa Petre

Image above by Asa Petre   © Emma Bafford

Image above by Emma Bafford

© Johan Ericsson

  Image above by Johan Ericsson

© Jean-Marie LimbourImage above by Jean-Marie Limbour

© Ida Boman

Thanks for the pola Ida Boman! and thanks to the class for a fun weekend in Gothenburg, you all were wonderful! | |